Reggio Interpretations and Reflections

Reggio Interpretations and Reflections

Reggio Interpretations

"Reggio Interpretations" communicates the potentials of young children as witnessed and explored through the work and practice of the author stretched over time.

The term Reggio is derived from the Reggio Emilia Experience, an approach that supports children’s well-being and intellectual development, born in the city of Reggio Emilia situated in the northern part of Italy.

This approach, long recognized by educators around the world, is embedded and embodied in a deep cultural and historical context of the city of Reggio Emilia itself, so that as the title connotes,"Reggio Interpretations" offers the readers an interpretation of the philosophy within the context of the author’s work experiences with young children.

Work with young learners is humbling and challenging on many levels, this website invites readers, not solely in the field of education, a space to reflect and perhaps to spark learning anew the many wonderings within us with the children as our inspiration.