Stories exist within many encounters of every daily life.
’We are all storytellers; the story’s first teller is our self and the first listener is our self.’

Mark W. Travis

March 2023
With dreams coming true, friends from Reggio visited Tokyo. Discovering new faces of Tokyo through their lens.

February 2023
Returning to Reggio after three years of the pandemic. Reggio continued to move forward during this period, creating beautiful spaces of learning in the outdoor environment.

January 2023
Welcoming the new year, the Year of the Rabbit, with hope and peace for encountering and strengthening ties of new and old.

June 2023
In the center of Tokyo with undergoing construction of a new urban living space, the subtle beauty of nature continues to thrive unconditionally.

May 2023
Encountering the photo mosaic mural of the Musei Civici, Reggio Emilia, the meaning of participation brought to life. The peacock is created by over 1,000 citizen's contribution of their private precious photos.

April 2023
An encounter of East and West through the beauty of cherry blossoms, design and work of Christian Dior.

December 2022
A beautiful story space of harmony between western culture (violin concert) and Japanese culture ( the way of tea)

November 2022

Opening of the exhibition Mosaic of Marks, Words, Material
@CCLC Machino Hoikuen, Yoyogi Park

October 2022
Preparation of materials and tools for the Exhibition from Reggio Emilia, Italy,
Mosaic of Marks, Words,Material

September 2022
Soft waves ‘painted’ by a paddling boat on the stillness of a lake

August 2022

Ephemeral marks of water on stone as a surface

July 2022

Creating contexts for learning in the relationship with stones and paper

June 2022

Further research on Japanese materials and tools

May 2022

Research on Japanese materials and tools

April 2022

Shadows with colored acrylic shapes

March 2022

An unexpected ray of light instigates a game of hide and seek of shadows in a 3 year old classroom.

What stories can you imagine?

February 2022

Children’s symbolic expressions and voices share many messages and stories in Shibuya.
Machino Hoikuen Yoyogi Koen
Co Shibuya

January 2022

(L) Open fire, winter in Karuizawa

(R) The flames of fire in the summer of Karuizawa (Japanese painting)

Value given to sensing the quiet flow of time, recalling memories as stories.